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The Hogwarts Inky Quill
All announcements and news, about plots, classes, general happenings, and so on, named after Hogwarts Our Way’s student newsletter!
30 19 Sep 4 2017, 01:02 AM
By: AbMag!
Hogwarts Pirate Code
This is where you get started. Check in here to learn about HOW, its history and basic functional code, current plotline, Pirate Code (guidelines for surviving HOW), how to join, application form, and so on.
11 7 Sep 17 2017, 01:13 PM
In: Monster Book of H.O.W. Mons...
By: Jazz
The Sorting Hat: Join the Bedlam
All characters (old, young, magical, non-magical, monster, veela, Fury, banshee, mutant Devil's Snare, etc.) need to stop by here first to join this board. Being the amazing magical artefact that it is, the Sorting Hat survived the destruction, though you may have to rummage through the ruins to find it. Cram it onto your head to get Sorted, or to get sorted out, depending on your age! As a heads up, the Sorting Hat has had very little to do and no company to speak of for the last ten years and might accost you for a long conversation.
44 184 Aug 13 2017, 09:34 PM
In: Ben Cordice
By: Ben Cordice

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General OOC
All OOC related topics go here!
76 1509 Sep 16 2017, 11:44 AM
In: J's Away Things
By: J
Plottings, Blottings and Jottings
This is where you come to write character biographies and histories (should you feel like it), plot with your fellow-H.O.W.-ers, request threads, characters, and plots, and so on! It is by NO MEANS compulsory - just a place to throw ideas around, let muses out to play, and see what happens. Bring the crash helmet.
Subforums: Plottings, Blottings, Jottings

Forum Led by: Anda
93 346 Sep 16 2017, 09:29 AM
In: Hogwarts Roster
By: Bryce Brixton
House Points
32 118 Sep 19 2017, 10:05 PM
In: House Points for September ...
By: Bad Wolf
Technical Support and Suggestions
Have a query or concern related to the board in an OOC capacity? Please use one of the nifty forms below and H.O.W. Tech Support will get back to you!
20 115 Aug 12 2017, 12:53 AM
In: NPC help
By: J
Got a site to advertise? Put it up here. When we get off our behinds, we will come advertise on your site too! You are welcome to a new ad every 30 days or bump your original advertisement every 30 days. Un-bumped ads will be removed after 6 months.
308 4 Sep 19 2017, 12:21 PM
In: Ascension Of Darkness - AU ...
By: Farren Darrow

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Student Advisor's Hall
The SA Hall is open to everyone. Student Advisors were created on HOW as much to spread out the power as to give everyone on the board the right to have a say. Any player can bring up an issue and every player has the right to weigh in. Please check in here for topics for discussion about the board, its running, plot, logistics, and so on!
26 108 Aug 26 2017, 08:28 PM
In: I'm baaaack
By: J

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The dinginess and dampness of the dungeons make them ideal breeding grounds for monsters. This is Monster Central, labyrinthine and unlit, and very dangerous. All underground passages are now blocked; there used to be a door leading down below but someone pissed it off and now it's gone, leaving behind a giant hole leading down into the dark. Be warned though that many monsters guard this exit, and anyone going down is going to meet an army. After the Blackout, Jacob Vance removed all potions, supplies and equipment from the Potions Classroom and moved them up to the Hospital Wing where they could be put to practical use. Besides for a few tables, stools and the heavier of the cauldrons, the room is bare.
7 158 Sep 9 2017, 12:42 AM
In: Too Far Below To Turn Aroun...
By: Alannah Morgan
Perhaps the only part of Hogwarts that is truly safe. Occupied by five House Elves, the Kitchens are clean and well-kept, and bursting with aromas. The House Elves themselves are not too happy, considering the clean-up they’ve been dealing with. Tread carefully here, and you may just get a cookie!
4 18 Apr 14 2017, 09:27 PM
In: Chitters' Day Out
By: Shea
Slytherin Common Room
With the "aura of a mysterious, underwater shipwreck", the Slytherin Dungeons extend under the lake. The House Elves use it to communicate with the merpeople, their sole defense in the Lake. It's pretty cold and damp in here. Stairs lead upwards to the girls' dormitory, relatively intact, and downward to boys' dormitory, which has been closing itself off so not a lot of doors exist. Doors reappear and open as people come back. The boy's dormitory corridor has no end; it's a dark tunnel possibly leading Down Below To The Dark. Two Bear Patronuses having been patrolling the Common Rooms as of the Blackout.
Currently Occupied By: Gabryal and Mkichaa Terath

6 150 Sep 15 2017, 12:23 PM
In: Party thrown by Hogwarts fo...
By: Gabryal
Hufflepuff Common Room
The Hufflepuff Basement, just below the ground level, is a relatively safe space. The magical house plants that the Hufflepuffs brought here have evolved into a small natural ecosystem of their own, protecting the Hufflepuff Common Room from the monsters that lurk not too far from here. The Common Room also has no password, and all are welcome here, but enchanted vines will keep out people Helga's portrait just outside does not deem worthy. If you can make it past the monsters in the lower levels, you could come here for a rest cure on overstuffed couches by the warm fireplace, under the sunshine that still trickles in through the rounded windows overhead! In the Blackout, the Puff dorms suffered serious destruction, undoing a great deal of the cleanup by Jez Bain. Since then, it has been cleaned and made livable by its many residents.
Currently Occupied By: Genny Sicilia, Marijah Sable, Elaida May, Alaric Connery, and Will Vance

5 46 Jul 17 2017, 10:02 AM
In: It's beginning to look ...
By: Elaida May
The Chamber of Secrets
The wicked witches and wizards who assailed Hogwarts ten years ago made a project of re-opening the Chamber of Secrets, though we don’t quite know why. They were certainly not after the five Basilisk eggs which sit innocuously in the middle of the Chamber. Oddly, this is the quietest joint in the Castle right now. Most monsters are scared of the Basilisk eggs. Except, you know, the ones that are more dangerous than Basilisks.
0 0 --
In: ----
Underground Passages
Only one of the seven secret underground passages that reputedly existed is still intact, leading to the Hog's Head and opening into the Room of Requirement. It is still accessed through a painting, and usually used by Anna Shanahan and Shea Koshan. It is approximately safe. The other passages have been dug open and exposed, though not by any House Elf or witch or wizard.
1 25 May 12 2016, 10:35 AM
In: A Town Called Malice
By: Jo'ri Targrist

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Entrance Hall
Obvious signs of destruction welcome any visitor to Hogwarts, once gorgeous oak doors now destroyed, debris overrun by moss and weeds. The Entrance Hall bore the brunt of the attack during the Fall, and is where the battle is said to have been lost. But there are signs of repair! Light comes from the House Points hourglasses, still intact and gleaming with a quiet, determined hope. While the gates of the Entrance Hall were caved in during the Blackout to prevent monsters from getting in, the staircase has since been repaired by Genny, Puff, and Mkichaa. As of May 15, the Entrance Hall is completely functional!
18 575 Yesterday at 09:06 pm
In: Masque: Great Hall
By: Bowtruckle
Great Hall
The Great Hall is the center for the Rebuilding Effort. A Sign-up Sheet is pinned up for people to put them names on. The enchanted ceiling lets in light in the day and floating candles are lit every evening. The house tables and Professors' Table are now set up for meetings and meals (as long as people organise their own food). A few sleeping bags lie stacked in the corner for helpers who need a place to crash for the night. There is also a copy of the Hogwarts Castle Blueprints.
19 553 Sep 19 2017, 12:56 PM
In: Music that We Ingested
By: Jungwen deJuno
Trophy Room
Almost totally destroyed, the trophies now lie strewn across the floor or buried under the debris. Next to it, the Armour Gallery is completely inaccessible and ruined. The Trophy Room was cleaned up by Skyla Davenport, with moral support by Lorcan Deaven. During the Blackout, it was almost eaten by the Mould, which had since receded; the room is still more or less intact and doing okay, though there may be Toxic Mould in some of the cups.
2 27 Aug 13 2017, 09:04 AM
In: If you only listen with you...
By: Audrey Clavell
Main Library
Most of the library was destroyed, though ALL the books were saved by a concerned Bookworm, one of Hogwarts’ more benevolent monsters. Betty the Bookworm is a large, pink, gooey worm the size of a big seal. As she cares deeply for books and learning, she has taken over the library and keeps it in extreme order, though it is a bit slimy. You can find her oozing in a makeshift solarium, snout buried in a book. Say hello, this monster won’t bite (though the Manticore in the antechamber nearby is a different story)! The damage suffered during the Blackout and by a random human explosion of emotion a few days later has been duly repaired and the library is open for business, if occasionally haunted by Yartebs.
Currently Occupied By: Betty

9 130 Sep 16 2017, 11:01 PM
In: A Journey Beyond Words
By: Naomi Ntonni
Hospital Wing
The Hospital Wing has been brought back up to functionality by the Healers. While the wing suffered a great deal of damage in the Blackout, it has been rebuilt slowly. Supplies are low, but the Healers are working on stocking up. There is generally someone to be found here, depending on the day of the week.
Healers: Alannah Morgan, Luke Neeson, and Jake Vance

8 80 Yesterday at 09:44 am
In: Breaking Hogwarts: Monsters...
By: Gabryal
Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom
As the dark wizards were after the Chamber of Secrets in the war, the first floor girls' lavatory, affectionately known as Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom, remains largely intact, if only as functional as it can be with a ghost floating around the U-bend. However, after the Blackout, this bathroom has been taken over by the Perambulatory Toxic Mould and is extremely unsafe.
0 0 --
In: ----
Classrooms, Corridors and Staircases
Former classrooms for Muggle Studies, Runic Magic, Charms, History of Magic, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Places of Magic) have fallen to disrepair. The corridors on the second, third and fourth floors have been taken over by the Murderous, Mobile, Mutating, Magic MOULD -- please venture with caution. There are four sure-shot staircases, repaired by Gretchan Spain, which lead to the upper floors. Since the Blackout, The first floor has been cleaned by Espa, Jungwen, Elaida, and Danny, and the Healers who wished to make the Hospital Wing accessible. Luke and Audrey have cleaned up a bit on the ground floor, but after the Town Hall, the ground floor is more solid. The House Elves have laid out a bunch of chamber pots by the staircases for anyone heading to the second, third and fourth floors because someone may or may not have peed on something they were not meant to and angered the mould.
Currently Occupied By: Jungwen deJuno and Danny Bain (Charms Classroom, First Floor), Audrey Clavell and Luke Neeson on the Ground Floor.

16 201 Yesterday at 11:39 pm
In: Staff Meeting
By: Sully
Student Restrooms
Pretty important. While the restrooms in the Common Rooms are still operational, there are no functional loos on the second, third, or fourth floors. Please make use of the facilities on the first and ground floors or carry a chamberpot.
1 22 Sep 16 2017, 10:36 PM
In: Leaky Faucets
By: Torana Caleb

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Room of Requirement
As its predecessor did during the Battle of Hogwarts in 1997, the Room of Requirement served as a hideout during the war. It is not easily found, but once found, it is exactly what you need it to be.
3 68 Mar 11 2017, 12:02 PM
In: Cutting the ties which bind...
By: Mkichaa Terath
Prefects' Bathroom
The only functioning loo on the upper floors is often occupied by the Giant Squid’s friends and relatives, though otherwise operational. If you can snag it between their visits, you can enjoy a relaxing, lavender-scented bubble-bath here.
1 35 Feb 7 2016, 05:53 PM
In: After Party
By: Cerberus
Caretaker's Office
Millicent Bostock’s office. When she isn’t cleaning, she spends most of her time writing poetry:

“Mind your P’s and watch your Q’s,
Use a hanky, clean your shoes,
Mind your manners, use your words,
Don’t be silly and absurd!”

1 18 Nov 22 2016, 12:23 AM
In: This Boat is Sinking
By: Audrey Clavell
Staff Room
The Staff Room is one of those few parts of the Castle that are surprisingly intact. The professor’s lounge, with comfortable chairs, a round table at the center, book shelves and supply cabinets, is entirely preserved and quite clean, a potential place to sleep. Again, it seems that one of those stray passers-by, former students or professors, has come in and tidied up, making sure the work of all the professors survives for a brighter tomorrow. Next to it, the erstwhile Joint Hogwarts Office, once the makeshift headquarters of the new school administration, lies utterly destroyed.
3 24 May 12 2016, 01:32 AM
In: Righting a wrong, well, wro...
By: Mkichaa Terath
Classrooms, Corridors and Staircases
The upper levels are buried under dust more than rubble, neglected rather than destroyed (other than the restrooms, which are pretty much gone, please pee on your own time or carry a chamberpot). Former classrooms here (Magic Weaponry, Astronomy, Transfiguration, Numerology, Divination, and Celtic Magic) have fallen to disuse but are mostly serviceable. The upper levels are however highly exposed the elements, as almost all windows were smashed either during the Fall or in the Blackout. The staircases here are a lot more functional! A Giant Lizard called Gilbert roams the corridors on the fifth floor, and there is a Boggart infestation on the sixth. Since the Blackout, all creatures here are very agitated. The Dementors have bandied together to make sure they don't get eaten by the darkness, which they are resisting.
12 202 May 22 2017, 12:50 PM
In: One Last Thing
By: Torana Caleb
Ravenclaw Tower
The Ravenclaw Tower is presumably intact, still airy and resplendent. No one really knows, though, as the Common Room has not been accessed since the castle fell. This may or may not be because the Caretaker Miss Bostock has not so far been able to answer the eagle knocker's riddles. The House Elves, who have their own ways and means of getting inside, suspect that someone someone has been living there for all these years - mostly because the food they leave out is never left untouched. But no one really knows for sure!
7 34 Dec 25 2016, 11:26 PM
In: The Squirrel and the Potion
By: Torana Caleb
Gryffindor Tower
The Gryffindor Commons suffered greatly in the war, which may or may not be a consequence of the House’s historical pig-headedness. Most parts of the Common Room and dormitories no longer have windows or, in some cases, walls, and so the Gryffindor Tower is swept by the weather, usually freezing or full of stormy rain. The fireplace does still function, and a few of the bedrooms can still be occupied. Some rooms have been repaired and made very cozy by Oliver Wright and Cerb provided moral support.
Currently Occupied by: Cerberus, Puff Wright, Dragomir, and Cats.

10 151 Jul 27 2017, 03:19 PM
In: Last Portkey Home
By: Cerberus

-   Towers
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Astronomy Tower
The Astronomy Tower was destroyed in a particularly vicious battle during the war. There is nothing here but fallen stones and mortar, half-destroyed walls, and staircases that are sturdy in the parts that they still exist. It is possible to climb to the top, which could serve as an excellent vantage point. However, it is currently inhabited by an Evil Goo.
2 22 Apr 23 2017, 10:05 AM
In: With Crippled Anger
By: Susanne Al'Khan
Divination Tower
While the Divination Tower is not destroyed, it is also almost impossible to reach, with all staircases and access points along the white tower destroyed. You can Summon the silvery rope or attempt to levitate yourself up to the top if needed, but you will find the place totally chaotic and weather-worn, as the House Elves are not able to reach here to clean up.
0 0 --
In: ----
West Tower
Mostly intact. At the top of the West Tower is the Owlery, occupied now by old school owls and the owls of students who died during the battle. They are not always bale to tell the difference between friend and foe, having had to fiercely defend their space from other creatures who wanted to take over. An unpleasant side-effect of this is that there has been no clean-up in ten years and the floor is covered with several inches of owl droppings. Not to mention, if the owls think you’re an enemy, they will gouge your eyes out. One can also access the Castle battlements from the West Tower.
5 68 Sep 17 2017, 06:27 PM
In: Can I send an owl instead?
By: Guenevere Sicilia
Headmaster's Tower
Firmly sealed with its inherent magic for almost ten years, the Headmaster’s Office preserves all Hogwarts records and important objects, books, and documents. On some occasions, the statue of the Gargoyle has leapt aside – either when someone deserving was in need of counsel, or when the right person came along. Now more than ever the Office is ready to open up. It knows, if no one else does, that something dark and terrible is coming, and Hogwarts will need all the help that it can get.
1 5 Jun 30 2016, 12:28 AM
In: In Our Chaos There Is Calcu...
By: Rhett Doyle

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
The Hogwarts grounds are no longer the open space they used to be. Sometimes a mist creeps over from the Forbidden Forest, and there isn’t a way to be sure what else creeps onto the grounds under the cover of the mist. Some parts of the grounds are now Kankanjur swamps. It is advisable to steer clear of the former Herbology Greenhouses and Care of Magical Creatures enclosures as these have become a breeding ground for altogether questionable creatures and monsters. Since the Blackout, however, the grounds have become a mess of monsters: Kankanjurs, Acromantulas and Leutogs, amongst others. On warmer days, though, it’s not so bad!
16 259 Sep 14 2017, 09:54 AM
In: You Can Lead a Hufluf to Ho...
By: Elaida May
Whomping Willow
In an odd turn of events, the Whomping Willow has taken to whomping all questionable creatures who attempt to attack Hogwarts within its reach. The Willow is still not really fond of people and might whomp you too, but is determined to defend the Castle.
0 0 --
In: ----
The Lake
The Lake was never exactly the safest place to begin with, but it is exceptionally dangerous at the moment. The merpeople have been at war for the last ten years, against invading underwater creatures and monsters. Do not go swimming in the Lake. The Giant Squid can only push out so many students before someone gets eaten! Next to the Lake, a bit away from the castle, lies a very large graveyard for people who died during the Fall, a sea of white marble graves.
1 4 Jun 15 2016, 06:23 PM
In: Just Can't Hide Your Crazy
By: Foxy Fanshawe
Quidditch Pitch
The goal hoops and a couple of the watchers’ stands are still standing, though the Quidditch Pitch itself is quite overrun with weeds and creepers, including some wild Devil’s Snare. The locker rooms have been cleaned up by Oliver Wright and Sioni Rhys ap Emerys.
4 36 Apr 22 2017, 09:35 PM
In: How Far i'll Go
By: Raiden Neeson
The Forbidden Forest
As you can well imagine, the Forbidden Forest is all kinds of dangerous at this point. In addition to the outright dangerous creatures who lived in there to begin with, there are now all new monsters, some from foreign lands and others who are mutants or half-breeds or mongrels. Stay out, unless you have a death wish! Recent events, including the Blackout and random interference in forest politics by human beings, have upset the balance somewhat, and there is a tumult amongst the creatures.
Currently Occupied By: Sorin Lupei, Torana Caleb

8 116 Sep 17 2017, 10:08 PM
In: An Angel Once, Now a Ghost ...
By: Guenevere Sicilia

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Hogsmeade suffered in the war ten years ago, but most of the damage came after that. Since the castle fell, Hogsmeade has lost most of its clientele and most stores are in a state disrepair or only seasonally active. Stores like Honeydukes and the Magic Neep (the greengrocer) are still around, though significantly diminished whereas Zonko's is active as both a joke shop as and an underground meeting place, of sorts, of dark wizard catchers and the like. The WWN (employing Cerberus) is active as well. As Hogwarts repairs itself, Hogsmeade flourishes as well, and residents are generally very supportive.

Current Residences: Shea Koshan, Skyla Davenport and David C. Quinn, Lizzie Grimm, and Foxy Fanshawe.

36 441 Sep 17 2017, 03:32 PM
In: And on your left...
By: Guenevere Sicilia
Hogsmeade Brews & Stews
Located in the heart of the village, The Three Broomsticks (run by Rosie, assisted by Sid and Will Vance) is enjoying the increase of trade as residents return to the castle. The far dingier crowd that once made up the clientele are being replaced with friendly and familiar faces. The Hog's Head (employing Anna Shanahan, Shea Koshan, and Byce Brixton) continues to enjoy a roaring trade despite the sheer amount of duels that seem to have taken place in the last year.
29 715 Aug 23 2017, 03:18 PM
In: The Truth is Stranger Than ...
By: Naomi Ntonni
London at Large
London has arrived at a tentative peace, and a fragile sort of synergy exists here now. Corruption runs deeply within the Ministry of Magic, which is controlled by a darker calibre of wizards through magical coercion as well as economic means (who said you couldn't learn a thing or two from Muggles).
Current Residences: Rhett Doyle, Ben McShane, Anna Shanahan, Tiffany Wright, Jacob Vance and Scarlett Doyle

42 443 Sep 19 2017, 09:21 PM
In: I'll be yours until my ...
By: Skyla Davenport
Diagon Alley & Knockturn Alley
Diagon Alley is active, though a cloud of tension hangs overhead, after the unfortunate events of July 1st. Since the MIMD explosion building have been repaired, normal trade has resumed with security being tightened considerably. The Ministry of Magic has decreed that Aurors and Hitwizards may search suspicious witches and wizards on sight. In the centre of the street outside of Ollivander’s a gash lies deep into the earth. It has been cordoned off with official Ministry tape and trespassers may be arrested. Approach with caution.Knockturn Alley thrives despite whispers about ties to the explosion.
13 173 Aug 24 2017, 11:20 PM
In: New Slang
By: Shea Koshan
St Mungo's Hospital
St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries reached functional capacity in early 2012, after weeding out some corruption from its ranks. The Healers at this fine institute are committed to upholding the legacy of the hospital.
13 141 May 1 2017, 11:47 PM
In: Blowing this Popsicle Stand
By: Julien Cross
Britain at Large
A United Britain, mostly at peace following the outbreak of war. The Ministry of Magic has succeeded in driving main key-players in the DOH overseas although darker witches and wizards remain active, their activity growing in the wake of the explosion in Diagon Alley on July 1st. If you do spot any suspicious activity, please get in touch with the British Ministry of Magic as soon as possible.
Current Residents: Zoe McCaughey and family in Birmingham, Sioni Rhys ap Emerys and family in Wales, Elowyn Sordecai in Lincolnshire, and Thomas Taylor in Bristol

Subforums: Fordwich, Kent

50 666 Sep 17 2017, 05:17 PM
In: Argyll, Buchanan, Buchanan,...
By: Guenevere Sicilia
The World at Large
The war is still being fought in many parts of the world, and international relations are in an all out mess. Countries like Russia, the Far Eastern nations, and Chile are in the throws of some of the worst conflict so far, while others have reached an extremely brittle equilibrium. A few countries however have kept themselves sane, Sweden, Sri Lanka, and the nation of Micronesia in the western Pacific being a few. The Micronesian Ministry of Magic is the most stable in the world right now, located under water rather like the ancient kingdom of Atlantis. Most wizard prisons are now in Russia, as Azkaban is only occasionally functional.
Current Residents: Jo'ri Targrist in South France

23 333 Sep 5 2017, 02:06 PM
In: All of the Roads, They Are ...
By: Jungwen deJuno

-   Sideways
Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Alternate Universe
Dreamland, Regularland, Past, Present, Future, Times that never were or never will be...
1 9 May 10 2017, 10:08 PM
In: Will Betty see her shadow?
By: Betty

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Current Character and Roleplay Archive

Subforums: Aly, Alex, Anthony, Ash, Ed, Four, Heather, Joy, Natano, Manda, Shiny, Sian, Wolfy, Xandra, Rose, Unspeakable

80 429 May 25 2017, 02:45 PM
In: Adalyn Rousseau
By: Sorting Hat
Old H.O.W. Archives
Hogwarts Our Way was born on an entirely different forum. To keep up with the changing tides we have relocated (with the selfless help of our current members) to our new corner on the internet. As a testament to where we started we have included our old site's archive on our new site.
Subforums: Character and Role-play Archives for Old H.O.W.

26 30 Dec 27 2016, 10:12 AM
In: Older HOW Rules
By: J
Deleted Topics
All Topics that have been deleted can be found here.
119 38 Aug 28 2017, 07:30 PM
In: From: The Gif Game Part 2
By: Bad Wolf

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